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The Pest Management Planner is a free and an easy-to-use web application and follows the basic principles of an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Identify and Monitor Pests

The foundation for a good pest management plan is to monitor fields for pests and beneficial organisms. Accurate identification and knowledge of pest species helps determine timing and selection of effective pest management strategies.


Use cultural methods, such as, crop rotation, planting resistant varieties, and altering planting dates to help reduce potential pest infestations.


IPM programs evaluate the proper control method to optimize effectiveness and risk. Use mechanical methods to manage pests and select pesticides that are more selective to the pest and have a low risk to humans, beneficial organisms, and the environment.

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  • The IPM component of the planner helps you develop a crop-specific pest management plan and checklist, and
  • The pesticide application recordkeeping (PAR) tool provides for your essential documentation of pesticide use.

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If you want to build a simple pest management plan without creating an account, you can print and use a generic IPM checklist (for Mint). This option does not provide links to pest management planning or recordkeeping resources.

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